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About ZEI.2257

We have worked closely with a diverse group of clients and their legal representatives, ranging from webmasters to the largest multi-faceted content producers to deliver a comprehensive, yet user-friendly record-keeping system.

ZEI.2257 is the result of this collaboration, providing you with professional software and services to expertly assist in managing your organization's record-keeping and compliancy requirements.

What is ZEI.2257

ZEI.2257 is an advanced records management solution that facilitates the creation, administration and inspection of critical business records, for both primary and secondary content producers.

The unique design of ZEI.2257 enables organizations of any size or specialty to maintain detailed performer and content records while adhering to strict record-keeping requirements in accordance with 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. Part 75 regulations.

Created with common sense features, it's easy to learn and use ZEI.2257. Intuitive interfaces allow users of any level of computer experience to create, capture and manage records quickly and accurately from a familiar "Point & Click" Windows® desktop environment.

ZEI.2257 is a proven and reliable solution designed to streamline record-keeping processes while effectively navigating today's complex regulatory provisions.

Key Features & Benefits

Electronic Records Electronic record-keeping will enable your organization to locate, retrieve and analyze data with greater efficiency by providing you with powerful capabilities to query, index and cross-reference information effortlessly.
Desktop Application Users are provided with a rich interactive environment to rapidly acquire and manage information through easy-to-use interfaces that maximize productivity and efficiency, while minimizing potential errors.
Compliancy Checker Receive advanced notice of potential compliancy issues and mitigate risk by ensuring your critical records are correct prior to actually being inspected.
Inspection Tool An external, read-only inspection tool is provided to easily search, retrieve and print/export records of interest for Federal Inspectors as defined by current legislation.
Customizable The module design of ZEI.2257 allows for rapid and cost effective development of customized modules to provide additional capabilities to satisfy your organization's unique requirements.
Flexible & Scalable ZEI.2257 is available in two separate editions, allowing you to select the degree of functionality and scalability that is most appropriate for your needs. Easily scale up from a single-user system to a multi-user system, or scale out to utilize multiple servers to provide a records repository for multiple locations.
Support & Maintenance Integrated support and maintenance means you'll have peace of mind that your record-keeping solution is always fully functional, up-to-date and within current regulations.
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