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Download the program file
Using the details supplied to you; please download and save the following file to your desktop:
1. Client Setup: ZEI2257.UpdateInstaller.XXXXXX.exe
Preparing the server
2. Please perform a complete backup on the ZEI2257 catalog, via SQL Server or by using the ZEI.2257 Database Utilities program installed on the Server.
Upgrading the workstations
3. Please close all instances of ZEI.2257 Management and Custodian applications.
4. Copy ZEI2257.UpdateInstaller.XXXXXX.exe to the desktop of the workstation.
5. Launch the setup application by double clicking the on the ZEI2257.UpdateInstaller.XXXXXX.exe icon saved to the desktop.
6. At the end of the setup program you will be prompted to "Launch Update Installer". Please ensure the box is selected and click the "Finish" button.
7. When the "Updater Installer" application appears, please take a moment to read the system summary. Click the "Update" button to continue.
8. After the update process has completed, you may begin using ZEI.2257. Please take a moment to delete or move the downloaded file ZEI2257.UpdateInstaller.XXXXXX.exe from the desktop.
9. Repeat steps 3-8 for each workstation.
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